Day: March 31, 2020

This Evaluation May Keep Effective Teachers in Low-Performing Schools, Researchers Say – Inside School Research

Tennessee’s overhaul of teacher evaluation in 2011 led to sharp backlash  teacher turnover in the immediate aftermath, but a new study in the American Educational Research Journal finds that turnover may have helped low-performing urban schools in the long run.

That’s because highly effective teachers left their schools at 15 percent lower rates than did their least-effective peers, according to a team of researchers led by Luis Rodriguez of New York University.

Tennessee’s teacher rating system, among the first developed under the federal Obama-era Race to the Top competition, drew criticism and even a lawsuit because it tied teachers’ evaluations

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Online learning concerns that shouldn’t be ignored

Basic technical issues are front and center, by necessity: the availability of online devices and Internet access; how lessons can be moved from face-to-face to virtual; how students can receive and turn in assignments; and how students will be “held accountable” by grades or papers now that the government has waived federal mandates for annual standardized testing.

Other complex issues may be getting short shrift in the immediate mass move to online and distance education. Here are some of them, along with what some schools and districts are doing to address them:

Security is always a big concern in the

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