Day: May 10, 2020

NYC schools lift ban on Zoom as hackers hit other educational online

Online security concerns have been growing since schools across the country closed to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus and students were told to work remotely. Schools and districts rushed to create remote lessons and partnered with different online platforms, sometimes without strict security filters. There have been numerous reports of intruders disrupting classes and school meetings, from elementary school to higher education.

New York Attorney General Letitia James said late last week that Zoom Video Communications had done “substantial work” to ensure users “don’t have to worry while participating in a video call” as they become “more

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How parents can avoid exhausting their emotional energy too early and in the wrong places

Here are the first two parts of the series:

By Roxanna Elden

The first week in May is a big time for uplifting quotes about taking care of kids, encompassing as it does both Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation Week. With these celebrations comes a flurry of messages reminding both teachers and moms that we’re doing the “most important job in the world.” It’s usually meant as a compliment, but let’s be honest: That’s a lot of pressure. After all, if it’s true that “a hundred years from now, all that will matter is the difference you made in the

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