Day: May 13, 2020

Pediatricians: Pandemic Recovery Plans Ignoring Child Health, Education – Inside School Research

From states’ reopening plans to federal emergency aid, the U.S. response to the novel coronavirus pandemic has “focused on the health and economic effects facing adults,” and top pediatricians argue child wellness and school reopening plans must be included in discussions for the nation’s recovery.

“Even as states provisionally plan on opening workplaces, most are giving no consideration to opening schools,” said Dimitri Christakis, director of Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Center for Child Health, Behavior, and Development and editor of JAMA Pediatrics, in the first of a trio of articles on the reopening problem published online today in that journal.

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The weird things Rand Paul said about reopening schools

During the exchange about schools, Paul, an ophthalmologist, offered his opinion on medical details, disagreeing with many researchers on the novel coronavirus, which has killed more than 80,000 Americans in the past few months. Paul is the only senator to contract covid-19, the disease the virus causes, but has since recovered.

Paul said that U.S. schools — virtually all of which closed in the spring when the coronavirus began to spread around this country — should open in the fall, and that it would be “ridiculous” if they don’t. He challenged predictions by Fauci and other experts in infectious diseases

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