Day: June 3, 2020

Three SOS Instructional Strategies for Supporting Social Emotional Learning with New Resources from Discover Your Happy

The social and emotional wellbeing of students continues to be a top priority in schools, districts and communities around the country. As families face ongoing challenges and the uncertainties of the future impacts our daily lives, supporting students in their ability to manage their emotions will require access to flexible, digital resources that can reach families where they are.  Discover Your Happy, developed in partnership with LG Electronics USA, serves to equip youth with the skills necessary to reduce stress and create sustainable happiness in their lives.  By providing educators, students and parents with science-based tools that show how

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A boy’s telling answers on worksheet about police

Police work very hard to help keep us safe. They drive in police cars and solve problems that they see while driving. Other police cars ride on motorcycles, bicycles or even horses! They solve crimes and help with emergencies. They make sure people are driving safely. They make sure people are following the law. Their jobs are very important. The next time you see a police officer, make sure you thank them for keeping us safe!

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