Day: June 10, 2020

Share Flexible, Hands-On STEM Activities for Summer Learning at Home from the STEM Careers Coalition

The STEM Careers Coalition features industry partners that have joined forces with Discovery Education to impact the culture of STEM education nationwide. As part of the Coalition’s mission to empower educators and foster equity and access to quality education, STEM lessons, classroom activities and an extensive careers portal are available in Discovery Education Experience and at

In addition, in response to the expanded role of parents and guardians in student learning, new at-home learning activities are also now available. These ready-to-use, simple activities promote self-guided learning for students in grades K-8, while reinforcing development of key STEM skills

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Black schools superintendent: I am ‘a scared human being.’

Fennoy talked about his deep concerns for his son, saying that he taught him to be polite so that he would not antagonize anyone. “I want my child to survive the encounter,” he said, and he said the same thing to district students protesting George Floyd’s killing.

“To our students that are out there peacefully protesting: I need you to survive the encounter. I need you to come home,” he said.

He ended the speech with this haunting message: “I do want you to know that daily, in spite of my position, my power, my privilege, I do operate in

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