Day: June 18, 2020

What we do — and don’t — know about schools reopening for fall

In California, for example, the state Education Department recently issued guidance calling for the implementation of a hybrid, or blended, instructional model in all K-12 districts.

Virginia Education Secretary Atif Qarni said recently that he envisions some combination of remote and in-school learning, with in-school learning most necessary for students with special needs, young children, English-language learners and other at-risk students.

In Ohio, some districts have informed the state they plan to use blended learning.

And many colleges and universities throughout the country that have declared that they are welcoming students back to campus envision a hybrid model, with students

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Why it is indefensible to keep Confederate names on schools

The issue of honoring Confederate figures has been in the spotlight in recent weeks as protesters around the country have demanded police reform and justice for black men and women killed by police with impunity. In some places, protesters have pulled down or defaced Southern icons, and there are calls to take down all of them that remain standing in public spaces.

The Southern Poverty Law Center says its newest count shows 110 public schools, mostly in the South, still named after Confederate leaders, and 43 other schools that have been renamed (though the nonprofit organization says it can’t be

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