Day: June 25, 2020

Want to Maximize Student Learning When Schools Reopen? Minimize Classroom Interruptions – Teaching Now

During even the most normal school year, there are a lot of little interruptions to teaching and learning each day—a tardy student walking into class, an announcement over the loudspeaker, a call to the classroom phone. 

Those interruptions can add up to the loss of between 10 and 20 days of instructional time, a new study finds. And as schools across the country prepare to welcome back students in the fall after a disrupted spring, they will need to address what is expected to be significant learning loss. Reducing external interruptions in the classroom could be one way to

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Do School Police Make Black Students Feel More or Less Safe? – Inside School Research

In a decade of increasingly common mass school shootings, including active-duty police in schools has gained ground as a way to improve both actual and perceived campus safety. But continuing nationwide protests over police violence and racial disparities have highlighted questions of whether students of color actually feel safer for having officers around.

In the Los Angeles Unified school district, which is in the middle of a fight over whether to cut the budget for school resource officers, a new analysis by University of California, Los Angeles, researchers suggests disruptive incidents in the district overall are increasingly related to

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