Day: June 26, 2020

Low-Achieving Boys Opt for STEM Careers More Than Most Girls Do – Inside School Research

Gender gaps in the most male-dominated science fields don’t come from men outperforming women academically in those subjects, but from the simple fact that overwhelmingly more boys than girls opt for those careers in spite of lackluster science skills.

Boys and girls with the very highest math and science skills chose to major in physics, engineering, and computer science—three fields with a 4-1 male-to-female ratio in the workplace—at roughly the same rates, finds a new study in the journal Science. But the gender gap widened for students at all other achievement levels, and young men stay in the fields longer

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How not to lay off teachers

Though it serves one of the wealthiest suburbs of Boston, the Public Schools of Brookline district has been in turmoil for several years, marked by a succession of superintendents.

An interim was just named to replace another interim who resigned; when a new superintendent is chosen next year, he will be the fourth district leader in two years. (In fact, the town of Brookline itself has leadership challenges, with key positions in the local government vacant.)

Last year, the school district was rocked by controversy over kindergarten curriculum, with more than two dozen teachers saying that the move toward more

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