Day: October 2, 2020

How Can Video Lessons Affect Learning for the Youngest Students? – Inside School Research

Preschool and early elementary teachers face some of the greatest unknowns when dealing with remote learners during the pandemic. There has been relatively little research on very young students learning remotely, but emerging research on video lessons could provide clues for educators working to stem learning loss.

One new analysis in the journal Child Development finds that children ages 6 and under scored, on average across tests and learning domains, half of a standard deviation higher if they had been taught information via face-to-face instruction compared to video.  To put that in context, if young children learning through video performed

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California governor vetoes bill requiring ethnic studies in high school. Here’s why.

But the governor, who recently signed a different bill requiring all California State University System undergraduates to take ethnic studies, said that concerns about what should be taught in a high school course led him to veto the bill.

He wrote: “In California, we don’t tolerate our diversity. We celebrate it. That should be reflected in our high school curriculum. I look forward to the model curriculum achieving these goals.”

Newsom said he would introduce new legislation about a high school ethnic studies requirement, and was directing his staff to work with Linda Darling-Hammond, president of the State Board of

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