Day: October 16, 2020

The problem with New York’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools during the pandemic

Covid-19 rates in New York — which have been very low in New York City for months — are rising again in areas where ultra-Orthodox Jews have been disregarding orders to follow social distancing rules to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Hasidic Jews — the most traditional of the ultra-Orthodox Jews in the United States — protested the restrictions, setting fires and burnings masks in the streets of Brooklyn.

The Religion News Service reported that more than 400 rabbis and other Jewish religious leaders signed a statement supporting efforts by New York officials to shut down the schools and

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How the pandemic made China’s tough college entrance exam even more stressful — and inequitable

This year, during the pandemic, things got much worse for Chinese students, as explained in this story by Rayna Song, a journalism student at Northwestern University. She spent two months researching the story, interviewing more than 30 people. It’s a fascinating look at a college admissions process even more frenzied than the one in this country.

By Rayna Song

Eighteen-year-old Jing Lin never dreamed that a virus would completely disrupt her meticulously designed plans to ace the gaokao, China’s college entrance exam. She saw an excellent score on the test as a ticket to a top university — and a

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Federal Civil Rights Data Finds Rise in Reported Sexual Assaults – Inside School Research

By Christina A. Samuels and Sarah D. Sparks

K-12 schools reported nearly twice as many allegations of sexual assaults and rape on campus in 2017-18 as in 2015-16, according to early analyses of the latest Civil Rights Data Collection.

The federal U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released its newest civil rights data collection on Thursday, covering some 50.9 million students in 97,632 district, charter, and juvenile justice schools. The release had been delayed due in part to the pandemic closures this spring, and the Education Department has announced it would also shift the 2019-20 data collection

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