Day: October 17, 2020

Siemens STEM Day Offers Resources to Make STEM Accessible and Exciting for All! 

Tangipahou Parish School System’s Roseland Montessori School in Roseland, Louisiana has been awarded a $10,000 STEM education grant as part of 2020 Possibility Grant Sweepstakes. Created by the Siemens Foundation–a leader in advancing STEM workforce training and education initiatives–and Discovery Education, the Possibility Grant offers Title 1 K-12 schools an opportunity to win a $10,000 STEM grant that can be used to expand the availability of STEM supplies and technology or to enhance any STEM-related lab. Roseland Montessori will use the grant to create a STEM lab that providing opportunities for students to discover, experiment, and learn through real-world experiences.

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Can Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Adapt to Remote Learning? – Inside School Research

At a time when thousands of children may come to school with stress and learning loss from the pandemic and related school closures, multi-tiered systems of support—which can include response to intervention and positive behavior interventions and support, or PBIS—are the most popular school frameworks to provide personalized help for students. Now, emerging research and state experimentation suggest these models could adapt well to remote learning classrooms, if school leaders and educators plan.

With both response to intervention and PBIS, educators use a leveled approach to provide increasingly intense help to students with academic or behavioral difficulties. In general, Tier

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