Day: November 3, 2020

‘This feels like life or death for many of us’ — student writes letter to teachers

That’s what prompted a senior at Denver South High School named Jadyn Mill to write a letter to teachers about how students are feeling at this moment. She sent it to veteran history teacher Hayley Breden, who tweeted it out — and now they are getting supportive reactions from students and educators alike about the sentiments it captures.

“I wrote this letter to offer insight into the experiences of young people during this time,” Mill said in an email Monday. “I sat down yesterday and all I could think about was the election and the fear associated with it. These

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Looking to Reduce Racial Bias in Grading? This Tool May Help – Inside School Research

As an experiment, more than 1,500 teachers were given a piece of writing from an imaginary 2nd grader. Both of the papers were identical—full of large print and youthful misspellings—the only difference was that one piece of writing made reference to a brother named “Dashawn,” and the other talked about his brother “Connor.” The name choices come from a list of racially distinctive names; Connor is more likely to refer to a white child, while Dashawn is more likely to be the name of a Black child.

Black student sample.png

About 35 percent of teachers judged the “Connor” paper as being at or

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