Day: November 19, 2020

New York City schools closing because of rising covid-19 rates

In a separate announcement, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear (D) became the first governor to announce a statewide school closure, saying that all public and private schools must close Nov. 23 and that all public universities must do the same. Middle and high schools are staying shut until Jan. 4, and only elementary schools in areas without soaring infections will be allowed to reopen Dec. 7.

The closings of the largest school district in the country and all Kentucky schools are serious setbacks for state and local officials who had struggled to reopen schools and their communities during the pandemic, and

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Celebrating the Winners of the 2020 Stronger Than Hate Challenge

Join Discovery Education for the second of a three-part blog series highlighting the outstanding student creators who earned a winning spot in Teaching with Testimony’s 2020 Stronger Than Hate Challenge. Explore the creative ways that this year’s winners harnessed the power of self-expression to recognize and counter hate, plus learn about the inspirations that motivated each student to speak out. 

Vaishnavi Murthy, 8th Grade
RJ Grey Junior High School | Acton, MA  

Art can be a very powerful and influential way to spread ideas.” 

Vaishnavi crafted a painting that says so

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