Day: December 1, 2020

‘Black Lives Matter at School’ — a new book on anti-racist work in education

By Brian Jones

The Black Lives Matter at School movement is a new phase of a long struggle to transform the conditions of teaching and learning for Black students in this country. Black parents, teachers, and students have not just been the object of historic educational battles (either wrongfully denied opportunities or grateful recipients of them) but have been leading the fight. By entering this struggle, you are joining a stream of historic activism and advocacy, led by Black people, for justice in schooling. All the moralizing about whether Black people “value” education falls apart in the face of their

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Pandemic Learning Loss Heavier in Math Than Reading This Fall, but Questions Remain – Inside School Research

Early test results this fall confirm that the pandemic has taken a toll on students’ academic growth, particularly in math. But a new study from the Northwest Evaluation Association suggests we still lack a clear picture of the most vulnerable students.

In a new study released today, NWEA researchers found more than 4.4 million students in grades 3-8 who participated in NWEA’s MAP Growth test this fall performed about on par in reading, but 5 to 10 percentile points lower in math, compared to their peers in fall 2019. That means a student who performed at the average in

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Explore How the “Internet of Things” Encourages Responsible Action with AT&T 

New resource alert! The AT&T Sustainability Channel found in Discovery Education Experience now includes a digital exploration that helps students understand how they can use the internet to make more responsible choices in a location that they frequent on a regular basis. 

Students are first given a detailed overview of the what the Internet of Things (IoT) consists of, including types of “things” connected to the internet at home and at work, such as smart speakers, fitness watches or factory equipmentIn the next session, students have an opportunity to consider real-world case

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