Day: December 3, 2020

How Should Schools Quarantine Students Exposed to Coronavirus? An Explainer – Inside School Research

Q. How should schools quarantine students who have been exposed to coronavirus?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s move to change its quarantine guidelines for people exposed to coronavirus comes as states and districts across the country try to balance preventing outbreaks with helping more students attend in-person classes—and shows the evolving research about how COVID-19 spreads, particularly in schools.

On Wednesday, the CDC tweaked the guidelines—which most states have mirrored in their own guidelines to districts—to recommend that those who have had close contact with those infected with COVID-19 quarantine themselves for 7 to 10 days after their

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How a soccer club won a $1.2 million grant to open a charter school from DeVos’s Education Department

Charter schools, a key feature of the “school choice” movement, are financed by the public but privately operated. About 6 percent of U.S. schoolchildren attend charter schools, with California having the most charter schools and the most charter students.

Charters had bipartisan support for years, but a growing number of Democrats have pulled back from the movement, citing the fiscal impact on school districts and repeated scandals in the sector.

Charter supporters say the 30-year-old movement offers important alternatives to traditional public schools, which educate the vast majority of U.S. students, and that the movement is still learning. Opponents say

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