Day: February 3, 2021

How to start ending the school-to-prison pipeline — by an educator just elected to the U.S. House

Biden’s choice for education secretary, Miguel Cardona, the state superintendent of Connecticut, goes before a Senate committee on Wednesday for his confirmation hearing, and is expected to be approved by the full Senate.

Bowman addresses his comments to Cardona as well as to his legislative colleagues, writing: “We can no longer watch children be brutalized on school grounds and wait for justice while we have the policy tools to legislate it.”

By Jamaal Bowman

Last week, a video surfaced of a Black 16-year-old girl being slammed to the floor by a cop at Liberty High School in Osceola County, Fla.

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Teachers to Biden: What we want from your administration

The three are Jenna Fournel, Cosby Hunt and Aleta Margolis — all of them from the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Inspired Teaching, a nonprofit that provides innovative professional learning programs for teachers and seeks to transform the school experience for students from compliance-based to engagement-based.

In their following letter to Biden, Vice President Harris, and Miguel Cardona, who is expected to be confirmed by the Senate as education secretary, they urge a focus on “support of inquiry-based teaching and learning, media literacy, anti-racist pedagogy, prioritizing social studies and science, and centering teachers in our democracy.”

Fournel is director of

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