There are now more police officers in Florida’s schools than nurses — report

The report was the result of a collaborative effort led by the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, the Florida Social Justice in Schools Project, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the League of Women Voters of Florida and Equality Florida.

It looks at data collected by the state government to analyze the impact of the Florida Legislature’s decision to mandate that every public school in the state have a police officer or an armed school employee stationed there.

The law was passed less than a month after a gunman on Feb. 14, 2018, killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas

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Open letter to Biden and Harris: How to undo damage DeVos did to public education

In some bit of irony, Trump and DeVos pushed the public schools that they have disparaged to open for the 2020-2021 school year, and at one point threatened to withhold federal funding from those that did not. (They didn’t have the power to withhold funding already approved by Congress.)

Biden, vice president under President Barack Obama and now the Democratic presidential nominee, and his running mate, Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), have both savaged the Trump-DeVos education agenda. And they have said they would try to make the education system more equitable for underserved students.

This post is an open

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What Do Schools Need to Be Better After Coronavirus? – Inside School Research

As schools across the country take their first tentative steps to a new school year during the pandemic, education experts argue that state and district support could mean the difference between continuing in crisis mode or innovating for long-term improvement and equity.

In a new 120-page framework for school reopening, the Learning Policy Institute echoes recommendations of other recent expert panels, from the National Academies of Science to the School Superintendents Association:

  • Close the digital divide
  • Strengthen distance and blended learning
  • Assess what students need
  • Ensure supports for social and emotional learning
  • Redesign schools for stronger relationships
  • Emphasize authentic,
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Photo shows students jammed together at Florida high school

Volusia County Schools started Monday with a number of health and safety guidelines in place. One of these guidelines encourages safe distancing.

We are aware of a picture circulating that shows a large group of students waiting for schedules at Spruce Creek High School. When administrators saw the large crowd forming, they immediately dispersed the crowd. We believe this picture is a snapshot of a gathering that lasted just a few minutes.

That said, we are committed to making Volusia County Schools as safe as possible.

Many strategies are in place to prevent large gatherings and to provide the ability

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Conquering the Juggling Act:  Dynamic Digital Resources to Support Integrated Student Health

The secret to achieving wellness rests in finding balance, which means first acknowledging the tremendous juggling act we’re all engaged in on a daily basis. Life’s many complications (looking at you 2020) can make us feel disjointed to the point where, even if we’re excelling in one area, we suddenly find we’ve dropped the ball in another area, just as we were getting into a groove! 

But remember that any good juggler can handle 3, and ultimately wellness is comprised of three essential aspects: Emotional, Physical, and Mental. It’s when we

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Does homework work when kids are learning all day at home?

But now, school for millions of students means working at home doing school work all day, because school buildings are closed to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus and its disease, covid-19. That raises the question: How feasible is it to ask kids to do even more work in the same environment, especially for kids who live in environments not conducive to studying?

The closing of schools this past spring as the pandemic hit put a new focus on issues of equity, racism and access to education technology and the Internet. Now that many, if not most, school districts

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Teachers, Live Screen Time Is Precious. Use It Well


—Earl Manus/iStock

Research suggests a way to restructure remote learning to give students what they’ve been missing


H. Alix Gallagher & Benjamin Cottingham

Wanted for the new school year: high-quality remote-learning experiences to engage and benefit all students.

In the current pandemic reality, educators can improve learning, we believe, by finding better ways to use and structure students’ work time. That’s true whether learning is fully remote via computers, phones, or packets or whether it includes in-person instruction.

When in-person schooling ended abruptly this spring, the learning opportunities then available to students varied enormously. Some students received no

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The problem covid-19 presents for college students who want to vote in November

Some colleges and universities have opened their campuses to students, and others haven’t. Some that have opened have already closed. None that are open can be sure they still will be on Nov. 3 and students don’t really know where they will be, either.

This post analyzes the problem and offers some solutions. It was written by John Katzman and Fred Bernstein. Katzman is the founder and chief executive of Noodle Partners, who previously founded and ran the Princeton Review and 2U. Bernstein is a lawyer and writer.

By John S. Katzman and Fred Bernstein

There are 552,000 students enrolled

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Why black teachers matter to black and white kids — book excerpt


If I proposed to a governor or a school board that they replace a significant portion of a majority-White teaching corps with Black teachers after a natural disaster decimated a city because doing so would potentially confer educational and social benefits I’d probably be denounced as a racist and publicly excoriated.

Even a cursory reading of the literature on Black teachers should have given politicians and reformers pause before forcing their mass exit, but alas, even the research has apparently been devalued. For years, researchers such as Gloria Ladson- Billings, Pedro Noguera, Lisa Delpit, Adrienne Dixson,

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