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Teachers, Live Screen Time Is Precious. Use It Well


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Research suggests a way to restructure remote learning to give students what they’ve been missing


H. Alix Gallagher & Benjamin Cottingham

Wanted for the new school year: high-quality remote-learning experiences to engage and benefit all students.

In the current pandemic reality, educators can improve learning, we believe, by finding better ways to use and structure students’ work time. That’s true whether learning is fully remote via computers, phones, or packets or whether it includes in-person instruction.

When in-person schooling ended abruptly this spring, the learning opportunities then available to students varied enormously. Some students received no

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Should Teachers Enforce School Rules When Students Are Learning at Home? – Teaching Now

As a growing number of school districts decide to start the school year entirely remotely, teachers will have to answer an important question: How many of their classroom norms and rules will they enforce when students are home? 

Teachers grappled with this question in the spring, when school buildings abruptly closed down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Students were suddenly learning from home, and teachers had to quickly decide if they would enforce dress codes or rules about snacking and other behaviors through a webcam. Many teachers pleaded with their peers to be lenient, as students were adjusting to

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Teaching and Learning in the Pandemic


—Stephanie Shafer for Education Week

When teachers go back to school this fall, the classroom as they’ve known it will be gone, and their instruction will be more critical than ever.

That’s a daunting combination, but it’s what the pandemic has delivered. The spring produced crisis schooling, and teachers and schools scrambled to find online resources and master remote teaching techniques. A more deliberate approach this fall could mean a better experience for students; the lack of one could turn equity gaps into chasms.

With so much riding on instruction, districts need to plan for it

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How to Make Lessons Cohesive When Teaching Both Remote and In-Person Classes

Aimee Rodriguez Webb reads emails at her dining room table, which she set up as a virtual classroom in Marietta, Ga. After a rocky transition to distance learning last spring, Webb bought a dry-erase board and a special camera for displaying worksheets.

—AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Even in schools offering face-to-face instruction this fall, one “class” of students likely won’t be the coherent unit that it was in past years.

Within one 5th grade class, for example, students may be split in a hybrid schedule—half in-person two or three days, online the rest. Some may have opted for fully remote instruction

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Bitmoji Classrooms: Why Teachers Are Buzzing About Them

—Image courtesy of Morgan Miller/Bitmoji via Twitter

If social media posts are any indication, Bitmoji classrooms are becoming a teacher obsession. Since so many teachers are planning to “return” only to online classrooms in the fall, they’re building these colorful virtual environments for their students featuring avatar versions of themselves. 

In thousands of posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, teachers are sharing the classrooms they’ve built. Using the Bitmoji app to create their avatars, and other tools like Google or Canva to build the classroom backdrop, they’re making welcoming spaces, complete with colorful rugs and posters, that can serve as

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The 8 Things Teachers Know for Certain When Schools Reopen

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The idea of reopening schools is rife with uncertainty. Here’s what teachers can hold onto


Casey M. Bethel

COVID-19 is taking a toll on everyone, but the pandemic is an especially tense time for teachers who are grappling with a separate list of concerns. You can tell from the questions being posted on teacher-discussion pages: How and when will schools open fully? How prepared will students be to learn when they do? With the way last semester ended, how much did students miss? With no camps this summer, how much did they slide?

Did any of

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