Elementary Schools

Put the Power of Sustainability in Students’ Hands 

New Middle School Resources Now Available in Discovery Education Experience 

Centered on the role of technology in building a more sustainable world, the all new AT&T Sustainability Channel found exclusively in Discovery Education Experience provides standards-aligned resources to help introduce middle school students to the concept of environmental sustainability. The suite of new resources includes two career profiles and two anywhere student activities. 

Anywhere Activities 

Nature’s Source of Clean Energy invites students to discuss the need to transition to renewable energy sources, and then role-play as residents from different parts of the country deciding if they should

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Conquering the Juggling Act:  Dynamic Digital Resources to Support Integrated Student Health

The secret to achieving wellness rests in finding balance, which means first acknowledging the tremendous juggling act we’re all engaged in on a daily basis. Life’s many complications (looking at you 2020) can make us feel disjointed to the point where, even if we’re excelling in one area, we suddenly find we’ve dropped the ball in another area, just as we were getting into a groove! 

But remember that any good juggler can handle 3, and ultimately wellness is comprised of three essential aspects: Emotional, Physical, and Mental. It’s when we

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Spark Hope Through Human Rights: New Professional Development Resources from Speak Truth to Power

By Karen Robinson, Director of Speak Truth to Power


Hope undercurrents movements for change. Whether it be speaking out about racial justice or supporting a candidate for an election, hope inspires other to build a better future.

In 1966, late Senator Robert F. Kennedy said: “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls

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Celebrate the Moments When Learning Comes Alive! Ignite Student Inspiration with Discovery Education’s Innovation Virtual Field Trips

Did you know our brains have Mirror Neurons”, which fire not only when we perform an action, but also when we observe that same action performed by another? This is why experiencing something and watching someone else experience it can have the exact same effect on our mind. * 

Educators and parents both know that some of students’ most inspired moments of learning and growth happen spontaneously, beyond set-in-stone lessons and rote memorization. During a time when approaches to education must be more fluid and flexible than ever, Discovery Education is empowering teachers, students, and families

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STEM Careers Coalition Video Series Demonstrates the Impact of STEM Skills in Innovation

Solutions Seekers Series Spotlights Professionals Responding to COVID-19

Help students connect the dots between the application of STEM skills and innovating solutions to important real-world challenges with the  STEM Careers Coalition  COVID-19 Solution Seekers, a video series spotlighting how STEM professionals at non-profits corporations, and within industry are pivoting to meet the needs presented by COVID-19.

With the rapid spread of COVID-19 impacting nearly every aspect of life, many people, communities, companies, and governments have quickly mobilized to fight the spread of the coronavirus. The dynamic new COVID-19 Solution Seekers video series features an array of real-world content demonstrating

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Using Project-Based Learning to Develop 21st Century Skills

Contributed with Sandy Swartz, M.Ed., Instructional Technology Trainer, St. Tammany Parish Public School System

In today’s learning environment, students need more than academic knowledge to thrive in college, careers and beyond. As a result, educators are dually tasked with increasing core subject comprehension and developing 21st-century skills, especially in STEM. Project-based learning (PBL) is designed to do both. By inviting students to solve real-world challenges in their own community, we can draw the connection between these modern skills and the changing world around us.

It’s safe to assume we all have a general understanding of PBL, and many of us

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Five SEL Resources for High School Students from Discover Your Happy

Educators, students, and parents are preparing for back to school with more uncertainty and changes than ever before. As many schools shift to remote learning for the foreseeable future, supporting students social and emotional wellbeing has become a concern for many educators. Helping students manage the stresses of school in a blended learning environment requires access to resources wherever the student may be. Discover Your Happy, developed in partnership with LG Electronics USA, serves to equip youth with the skills necessary to manage stress, develop resiliency, and build success in school and beyond.

Discover Your Happy offers flexible virtual experiences,

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Explore the Tech Innovations of Tomorrow with Discovery Education’s SOS Instructional Strategies

Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) are research-based instructional strategies for integrating Discovery Education digital curriculum resources in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. These strategies are flexible and can be used as part of in-classroom, virtual and hybrid learning environments to support critical thinking and student engagement. 

Tech for Tomorrow was developed in partnership with The Tech Interactive, a museum in San Jose, CA, and is designed to highlight the ways technology and innovation can better our world.  Featuring resources for students in grades 4-8, the program’s mission is to is to introduce students to

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6 Simple Resources to Integrate Equity, Access & Cultural Awareness into Student Learning 

Meet Students Where They Are with Versatile Discovery Education Resources 

Teaching students the importance of equityaccess and culture is more important now than ever.  Empowering young learners with resources that help them better understand and embrace the world around them while encouraging them to take full advantage of versatile learning resources, will be key to helping students re-engage this school year 

Discovery Education offers a number of programs, resources and lessons that are specifically focused on helping students expand their thinking on issues of equity and culture. These ready-to-use tools can support engagement and connection

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