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Celebrating the Winners of the 2020 Stronger Than Hate Challenge

Join Discovery Education for the second of a three-part blog series highlighting the outstanding student creators who earned a winning spot in Teaching with Testimony’s 2020 Stronger Than Hate Challenge. Explore the creative ways that this year’s winners harnessed the power of self-expression to recognize and counter hate, plus learn about the inspirations that motivated each student to speak out. 

Vaishnavi Murthy, 8th Grade
RJ Grey Junior High School | Acton, MA  

Art can be a very powerful and influential way to spread ideas.” 

Vaishnavi crafted a painting that says so

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Teach Students to Build Confidence and Build Body Image with the Amazing Me Virtual Field Trip! 

Low self-esteem has been associated with a number of psychological, physical and social consequences. In this all-new, on-demand Virtual Field Trip (VFT) from Amazing Me, a program developed in partnership with the Dove Self-Esteem Project, students have the opportunity to explore how to be kinder to themselves and others.  

Educators play an important role in helping to engage students in critical discussions about body image and empowering them with the understanding that each of us is unique, beautiful and worth celebrating. The Amazing Me program features a complete guide developed with body image experts, to support educators in

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Free & Fun Resources to Bust Vaping Myths

Do you know how to talk to your students about the dangers of e-cigarettes?

If this is a challenging topic for you to discuss with students, the CVS Health Foundation, CATCH Global Foundation, and Discovery Education can help with resources available through the Be Vape Free initiative.

With Be Vape Free, educators are empowered to help students to see through common misconceptions about vaping to make healthier, more informed decisions through a suite of standards-aligned content, all available at no cost. Designed for wherever learning takes place, Be Vape Free offers engaging content for grades 5–12 on the risks

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This Week at DE: Week of November 15

Good evening! My name is Michael Capps and I’m an Instructional Content Manager at Discovery Education. Part of my role includes supporting SOS Instructional Strategies for educators and students and shared community stories with content created in Studio.

Let’s dive in to what’s happening at Discovery Education this week! 

The biggest news is that tomorrow marks the first day of our DEN VirtCon! Discovery Education Experience partners can register for this completely free, virtual event to connect with other educators around the world. We’re hosting four days of on-demand professional learning and instructional inspiration, plus live community experiences

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Celebrating the Winners of the 2020 Stronger Than Hate Challenge 

Join Discovery Education for the first of three-part blog series highlighting the outstanding student creators who earned a winning spot in Teaching with Testimony’s 2020 Stronger Than Hate Challenge. Explore the creative ways that this year’s winners harnessed the power of self-expression to recognize and stand against hate, plus learn about the inspirations that motivated each student to speak out. 

Anayla Wilson, 9th Grade
Episcopal High School | Houston, TX 

There is a whole side to history that people never talk about, and that is why I

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Introduce Students to Real-World Career Exploration Experiences with Activities from the STEM Careers Coalition  

The best way to introduce students to new career pathwayis to give them the opportunity to explore careers in action! The STEM Careers Coalition offers student activities, family challenges, career activations and more to provide students with immersive STEM career exploration experiences.  

The Coalition is comprised of organizations across a wide variety of industries that have joined together with Discovery Education on a missing to impact the culture of STEM education in K – 12 schools nationwide. By empowering educators to teach STEM more effectively wherever learning is taking place and fostering equity

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This Week at DE: Week of November 8


Hi everyone! My name is Marla Wilsonand I’m the Executive Director of our STEM Careers Coalition at Discovery Education. In case you’re unfamiliar, our STEM Careers Coalition is a first-of-its-kind initiative powered by corporate leaders to impact the culture of STEM education in K – 12 schools nationwide.



You can explore career videos of real-world STEM professionals, plus a special series highlighting solution seekers who have pivoted their STEM skills to help contribute to the global effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. You can also check out STEM activities, career videos, Virtual Field Trips and

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Explore STEM Digital Learning Resources in Recognition of National STEM Day, November 8th

Discovery Education and leading corporate and community partners offer engaging, nocost digital learning resources to students, teachers, and families to help recognize National STEM Day. Held annually on November 8th, National STEM Day unites communities around the importance of teaching science, technology, engineering, and math to students in grades K-12. 

The STEM Careers Coalition is a leading contributor of a vast array of new standards-aligned STEM-focused resources. Sourced from industry leaders like API, Boeing, Chevron, and Microsoft, as well as content contributors Sanofi and GAF,  the Careers Portal features profiles and

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Bringing Equity to STEM Education

At TGR EDU: Explore, our mission is to empower educators, students and families to achieve their best in their academic and professional lives. This work includes helping every learner develop problem-solving and decision-making skills with real-world applications outside the classroom.

Progress for the STEM education movement must continue to improve, especially for students in underrepresented communities hard hit by COVID-19. We know that STEM-related education holds opportunities for students, but STEM learning must become more evenly distributed.

It’s imperative that we address barriers to STEM education now so that students won’t suffer later.

Here’s how TGR EDU: Explore is

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