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Discover STEM Learning for All with At-Home Activities from Girls Get STEM

Looking for fun STEM experiences to engage students in virtual learning? Girl Scouts of the USA has you covered! Girls Get STEM: Unleash Your Inner Scientist provides no-cost, easy-to-access resources that empower parents and caregivers to engage with their children at home plus expand educators’ virtual learning toolbox. Read below for three of our favorite at-home activities, all of which are accessible from any digital device!

  1. Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) are a great way to expose students to experiences taking place outside of their four walls.  The Girls Get STEM: Unleash Your Citizen Scientist Virtual Field Trip

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The Sustainability Savvy Generation: Activating Students for Earth Day with Experiential Virtual Learning Resources

As the 50th anniversary of Earth Day approacheslet’s rise above the current challenges our world is facing and inspire young people to actively participate in creating the sustainable future they want to see. The powers of innovation and scientific discovery are at students’ fingertips now more than ever, with interactive digital learning resources that give students agency to approach broader environmental issues in the context of their everyday lives and communities. 

Discovery Education’s no-cost eLearning resources take a STEM/STEAM-centric approach to inspiring sustainable thinking in students grades K-12, equipping them

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Wellness Wherever! Dynamic Virtual Resources for an At-Home Approach to Exploring Health & Wellness

More time at home doesn’t mean less time for student health and wellnessOn the contrary, in light of current events, it’s more important than ever that we work collectively to teach healthy habits to our young people. It can be easy to overlook simple things like exercise when we’re adjusting to a new daily routine, so it’s imperative that we help students forge new habits and gain new knowledge for achieving optimal health. 

Here’s the good news: there are so many neat (and no-cost!) virtual resources that are designed

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Help Your Students Discover the Impact of Behavior on Financial Decision-Making with New Behavioral Economics Lessons from Econ Essentials

In these times of economic uncertainty, providing students with resources that help them understand the impact of outside forces on the economy can be empowering.  Econ Essentials, developed in partnership with CME Group, offers students digital resources that are accessible from anywhere to help them understand basic economic principles and explore how our own behavioral tendencies influence the larger economy. 

The Behavioral Economics Lessons are designed for students in grades 9-12.  Each lesson includes a companion video, challenge activity and digital lesson bundle that students can work through at their own pace.  The grab-and-go presentations 

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Engage Students During Financial Literacy Month with Self-Paced Virtual Learning Resources from Pathway to Financial Success

As the COVID-19 crisis has led to economic uncertainty around the world, helping students understand the importance of grasping essential financial concepts has never been more important.  Empowering students with the necessary resources will help cultivate a mindset of financial independence and support students in building life skills that will serve them well into the future. 

Pathway to Financial Success features resources to help middle and high school students take control of their financial futures and set their paths for financial success by arming them with the tools and skills necessary to make smart financial decisions.  There are a

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Recognize Earth Day by Staying Resourceful While Working from Home

Families around the country are working diligently to navigate a new normal as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.  We know that for educators the new normal requires exploring new digital tools to support their students’ progress. Discovery Education is proud to partner with Itron to provide digital learning resources that help students understand the importance of working to create a more resourceful world. Through an adaptable library of resources and family activities, Conservation Station inspires families to collaborate and discover ways that they can conserve water and energy at home. 

In recognition of Earth Day on April 22

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Explore NEW Digital Resources to Support Virtual STEM Learning

As educators around the country are preparing students and parents for several weeks of virtual learning, the STEM Careers Coalition has introduced dozens of new digital resources that are easily adaptable for use at home.  These highly engaging activities are appropriate for grades K-8 and encourage students to use their problem-solving skills to address everyday challenges. Read below for an overview of four of our favorite new activities! 

In Water Solutions, students have the opportunity to discover how household materials can be used filter contaminants from water.  Perfect for grades K-5, this elementary school activity includes a printable filter

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Explore Virtual Project-Based Learning Opportunities with the TCS Ignite Innovation Student Challenge

Project-based learning is designed to give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills through engaging projects that are focused on developing solutions to real-world problems.  As parents and educators around the country look to expand virtual learning resources at their disposal, TCS’ Ignite My Future in School and the Ignite Innovation Student Challenge provide a one-stop destination for digital learning resources to support students, families and educators. 

What Does it Take to Enter? 

Students in grades 6-8 are invited to use their digital savvy to concept an original digital solution that answers the question “How can we improve

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Educators & Parents: Explore Digital Financial Literacy Resources & Enter the Cha-Ching™ Money Smart Kids Pledge Challenge This Spring

Learn more about the pledge challenge, previous winners and how to get financial education resources for your students

By Jenna Phillips, Corporate Philanthropy, Jackson  

As parents and educators look for ways to engage students in learning at home, Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids features fun, engaging videos, online games and downloadable activities that teach students K-6 how to earn, save, spend and donation. These no-cost digital resources can be easily accessed and used at home to instill core concepts about personal finance at an early age. 

You can also support your school and community by participating

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