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Lanesha Tabb from Education with an Apron approached me final year with the FINEST idea ever! What’s been especially difficult is the clashing of diminished energy hierarchies on social media (not eradicated, thoughts you, as a result of I think these hierarchies do reassert themselves) with the rigid hierarchies that exist in academia. Before my PhD program, I was on equal footing on twitter with teachers and every other #edutwitter of us. What mattered is what I had to say, not what my status was. Once I began grad school, unexpectedly I wasn’t on equal footing. Beforehand, I could simply speak my thoughts and now it was kind of like, what do I know, I am just a grad pupil.

Darryl Willie made his bones working for Teach for America which takes non training faculty graduates and places them by means of a six week access course and then in our neediest school rooms the place they’re alleged to serve for simply two years. It is a gimmick too and a gimmick that DCPS has grown weary of as it has sought to separate itself from this costly program which does the precise opposite of what we all know our neediest students need most and that is an experienced instructor who is going to be around for more than a cup of espresso.

I was lucky yesterday morning. For causes I am unable to fathom, all the rooms on the east side of the hallway were freezing. My classroom, on the west facet of the hallway, was toasty warm. It is a big change from the trailers, the place it is someway (and no, I can not explain this) colder on the within than it’s on the skin. I feel it is one of those quirks of actuality, like Dr. Who’s Tardis or something. You’ll be able to’t conceive of precisely how crappy a trailer is till you work in a single for, oh, twelve years or so.

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