Month: January 2019

Betsy DeVos Tells School Boards: ‘Freedom Is Not a Threat’ – Politics K-12

Students, teachers, and parents—they all need freedom in order to meet their potential.

That was one of the main messages in prepared remarks by U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to a National School Boards Association meeting in Washington on Monday. As she has before, DeVos stressed that students sitting in crumbling and dangerous schools, as well as those bored or struggling in their classes, are relying on adults to “rethink” education and let them achieve “education freedom.”

She urged the crowd to ask themselves why students were still assigned to schools based on their addresses, why students are forced

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What Is Social Justice Education Anyway?



We cannot talk about schools without addressing race, class, gender, ability, sexuality, and politics


Crystal Belle

The notion of social justice pedagogy has become pertinent in education, especially in urban communities that have a history of being oppressed through schooling. To practice social justice teaching and learning practices is to truly see students for who they are and where they come from. But what does it mean to see students? Seeing students requires teachers to recognize them as valuable contributors to the classroom space, as opposed to social, cultural, and academic burdens on the so-called master in

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Beyond Classroom Management – Next Gen Learning in Action

By Robert Barnett, a co-founder of The Modern Classrooms Project and a math teacher and resident scholar at the Leysin American School

Want a class that functions smoothly and productively?  Forget the carrots and sticks; make sure that each student has appropriately challenging work instead.

When I trained to become a teacher, I spent countless hours learning to control young people. I learned, for instance, that my students should be trained to SLANT: Sit up, Listen, Answer questions, Never interrupt, Track the speaker. I learned to demand 100 percent of my students’ attention at all times, to use nonverbal hand

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What I Can Teach You About

Advantages Of The H&R Block Software
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What Almost No One Knows About

What You Need to about Mergers and Acquisitions

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Why Aren’t As Bad As You Think

A Guide to Choosing the Right Equipment Financing Firm

Almost everybody has dealt with these financial institutions when depositing money ask for loans. This the process involves the transfer of money from those customers who are saving it to those who are borrowing. They can also lend money to individuals and business owners who need finance to expand their business. These institutions can provide financial advisory services to any company that commit to them. They also use statistical analysis to calculate what their actual losses will be within a given period of time. You should aim to obtain info from … Read More

What Has Changed Recently With ?

The Importance of Tax Filing Services

taxes are filed from residents and nonresidents of our country because this is the money that the government requires in order to operate. Depending on where you are and the country, the government taxes are usually collected by different institutions mandated by the government. Some of the taxes are usually direct while others are in direct and this is interesting. If you are going to avoid problems with the government authorities, it will be because you’ve invested rightly into being of government taxes . There are very many benefits that people get whenever they … Read More

What Research About Sales Can Teach You

Shopping Deals on Online Platforms

When you want to go shopping, it would be better if you are able to make up your mind regarding the places you’ll be visiting. It is one of the best strategies that is going to allow you to avoid overspending and also, to reduce the work you have to do. Online shopping platforms are very convenient and that’s why many people feel that they are the best option. With the online shopping platforms, you get to do the shopping very easily and in addition to that, it takes very little time. You are able … Read More

Why Every Business Requires a Merchant Account

With increased e-commerce, many customers prefer making purchases using debit or credit cards rather than checks and cash. Thus, businesses have also been forced to adapt to new transaction trends that meet the consumer demand. Opening the right merchant account ensures that a business is able to process its payments and enhance customer satisfaction efficiently. Here are the reasons why every business should base its transactions on a trustful merchant account.

Increased Sales

Many customers do not like walking into a retail store and only to be asked to make cash payments. Many of them will opt for businesses that … Read More