Day: August 6, 2020

NAACP launches new civil rights and education initiative with University of Kentucky

“It’s a brand new paradigm,” said Julian Vasquez Heilig, dean of the University of Kentucky’s College of Education who has served on the NAACP executive committee and as the education chair for the NAACP’s California Hawaii State Conference. “There is no playbook.”

Vasquez Heilig, who is the initiative’s mastermind, said research will be done not by finding topics in the halls of academia, as is usually done, but rather in African American communities.

“The idea here is to go to communities and understand what research they think needs to be done,” he said in an interview. “Instead of going to

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New report finds high closure rates for charter schools over time

The analysis (see in full below) is the latest in a series of reports on charter schools by the Network for Public Education, a nonprofit organization that advocates for traditional public schools and was co-founded by historian and activist Diane Ravitch. Earlier reports focused on waste and fraud in public charter school funding.

Charter schools, a key element in the “school choice” movement, are financed by the public but privately operated. About 6 percent of U.S. schoolchildren attend charter schools. California has the most charter schools and the most charter students; in Los Angeles, 20 percent of children attend such

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Confederate names stripped from 2 Virginia schools are going back up.


The Hanover County NAACP is appalled by the Hanover County School Board’s apparent about-face on removing Confederate names from Lee-Davis High School and Stonewall Jackson Middle School. The announcement today that the School Board has directed school staff to reinstall signs bearing Confederate names undermines our confidence in the School Board’s commitment to bringing the community together.

We had been encouraged when, just weeks ago, a majority of the School Board voted to change the names, and the names were removed from the schools. The

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