Day: August 7, 2020

Cuomo: New York schools can open if covid-19 infection rates low

Cuomo was able to approve in-person instruction because New York, once the nation’s main hotbed of the coronavirus pandemic, now has one of the lowest infection rates of any state — about 1 percent. He said schools can reopen as long as the positivity rate is below 5 percent, using a 14-day average.

“If anyone can open schools, we can open schools,” he said at a news conference to announce the decision. “That’s true for every region in the state, period.

President Trump has been pushing schools to reopen fully, although it appears that most students in the country will

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Lessons from the pandemic’s education pod parents

Some say these pods are a decent solution to a real-time problem, while others have say the pods will only fuel the inequity already baked into our educational system because only people with money can participate.

This post, written by Kevin Welner, an attorney and professor specializing in educational policy and law, explains why both sides have it partly right, and what we can learn from what he calls the new “pod parents.”

By Kevin Welner

Hollywood told us in 1956 that the “pod people” are determined to subdue the entire planet, replacing each person with an alien surrogate devoid

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2 Delaware school boards vote to start school year online

DOVER, Del. (AP) — Two school boards in Delaware have voted to start the school year with virtual classes.

The school boards of the Capital School District in Dover, and the Milford School District in Milford, a city about 20 miles (32 kilometers) south of Dover, voted in favor of the move Thursday, The Delaware State News reported.

The Capital School District Board unanimously voted for the decision, while the board members in Milford decided in a 5-1 vote.

The votes for the virtual launch comes as school boards across Delaware are contemplating how to start of the academic year

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The education technology students we need — and won’t — after covid-19

What we hear in this international conversation is that “reimagining” really means adding more and more education technology into schooling, kids spending more or virtually all of their learning time on screens with programs supposedly individualized for each student.

This post, by renowned master educator Andy Hargreaves, looks at the issue and explains what students are really going to need when all schools can reopen.

Hargreaves is a research professor at Boston College and visiting professor at the University of Ottawa who has been working for decades to improve school effectiveness. He has been awarded visiting professorships in the United

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