Day: January 10, 2021

Yale Law School alumni and students sign petition for disbarment of Sens. Hawley and Cruz

Petition to Disbar Senators Hawley & Cruz

As of January 11, 2021 at 2PM ET, over 7,300 lawyers and law students have signed this petition, including over 1,700 members of the Missouri, Texas, and District of Columbia Bars.


We, the undersigned members and students of the legal profession, call on the Missouri, Texas, and District of Columbia Bars to immediately begin disbarment proceedings against Senator Josh Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz. [1]

In leading the efforts to undermine the peaceful transition of power after a free and fair election, Senators Hawley and Cruz attacked the foundations of our democracy.

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This Week at DE: Week of January 11

Hi everyone, my name is Tess Henkel and I’m a Digital Content Manager at Discovery Education. This week’s events in our nation’s Capital were disturbing and hard to process. We understand how difficult it is for all of us, especially teachers and students, to make sense of everything. As you continue to navigate conversations with your students, we are fully committed to supporting you with relevant and timely digital resources. 

On the homepage of Discovery Education Experiencewe have curated DE originals and resources from our trusted content corporate and community partners for every grade band.

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