6 Simple Resources to Integrate Equity, Access & Cultural Awareness into Student Learning 

Meet Students Where They Are with Versatile Discovery Education Resources 

Teaching students the importance of equityaccess and culture is more important now than ever.  Empowering young learners with resources that help them better understand and embrace the world around them while encouraging them to take full advantage of versatile learning resources, will be key to helping students re-engage this school year 

Discovery Education offers a number of programs, resources and lessons that are specifically focused on helping students expand their thinking on issues of equity and culture. These ready-to-use tools can support engagement and connection with students of diverse backgrounds and learning levelsand help educators begin some of these challenging but necessary conversations. As students become more comfortable with these topics, they will benefit from a greater understanding of their potential impact on the world around them. 

Find new ways to connect with students in or out of the classroom with easy-to-access resources from the six programs below:  

  1. Spark career-driven STEM exploration with a searchable database of 150+ hands-on student activities. Siemens STEM Day offers an extensive library of easy-to-use resources for students in all grades, as well as career profiles and five-minute refreshers to help educators explore best practices for implementation of the activities.  
  2. Inspire students’ sense of shared humanity by embracing the powerful stories of survivors and witnesses of genocide. Teaching with Testimony unlocks the power of testimony to inspire action among middle and high school students. The virtual field trip, Our Stories are Stronger than Hate, takes students on a dynamic learning experience to hear first-hand testimonies from impactful voices to learn that stories have the potential to change the future. 
  3. Teach and learn about the world through a powerful new lens with exciting and relatable applications of data science. Discover Data empowers students and educators with real-world applications of data with lessons like “Women & Gender Equity at 100,” which demonstrates how data analysis can provide statistical evidence of women’s impact upon societyengaging students in both critical thinking and the exploration of gender equality. 
  4. Guide students toward attainable and highly rewarding careers while supporting a more inclusive pipeline of STEM professionals. The STEM Careers Coalition embraces equity in empowering the next generation of STEM pros through career exploration. The career videos, student activations and career profiles featured in the portal can be used to provide students with first-hand introductions to a variety of STEM professions. The newly introduced Solutions Seekers series highlights the careers of STEM professionals who have pivoted their STEM skills to help contribute to the global effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. 
  5. Show students that human rights advocacy is a frame-of-mind by introducing them to courageous activists from around the world and learn how to initiate the conversations that bring about real change. Speak Truth to Power inspires student activism to prevent and end human rights violations around the world by truly transforming student attitudes and behaviors towards themselves and the worldThe program also features a Master Class Series to help educators identify best practices for integrating human rights education across disciplines. 
  6. Help each and every student lean into inspiration and innovation with exploratory STEM resources that reinforce equity. Girls Get STEM encourages students in grades 2-5 to create everyday connections to STEM and models the success of women in STEM careers and the enthusiasm elementary and middle school girls have for STEM learning through a variety of videos, hands-on lessons and a virtual field trip. 

As educators begin to navigate the return to school, preparing to engage students with flexible, easy-to- access resources that support equitable access and cultural awareness education will go a long way to engage and connect with students of all backgrounds.  

Find these resources above and more in Discovery Education Experience in the Dissent, Equity & Inspiring Change Channel.

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