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Statistics Canada says there are now more millennials than child boomers in the nation, ending the 65-year reign of the post-Second World War technology as the biggest cohort in the population. McGill University and Concordia University are suing the Quebec authorities over its determination to hike tuition for out-of-province students by about 30 per cent, calling for the will increase to be suspended. Alberta’s energy regulator has accepted initial functions and is to open public hearings for a controversial open-pit coal mine on the eastern Business News slopes of the province’s southern Rocky Mountains that has already been turned down twice. Appliance manufactures and a Montreal lawyer say proposed Quebec language regulations will lead to fewer decisions and better costs for products like residence home equipment. Canada’s new programs for green bonds that enable financing of nuclear tasks have passed an early take a look at of investor willingness to assist the power supply.

  • This measure, efficient from March 4, 2024, is remitted by the federal Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada .
  • CNN’s announcement is a part of a wave of large companies hitting the brakes on returning to the workplace, for so much of triggering uneasy feelings of déjà vu of the early pandemic.
  • Paytm and its funds bank unit have mutually agreed to discontinue various inter-company agreements within the process to scale back dependencies, the embattled payments agency stated on Friday.
  • But specialists say parents want to lay out clear pointers earlier than their children tap the Bank of Mom and Dad to make sure they don’t put their very own retirements on the road.

Researchers at the bank said Congress may pass some model of the bill, with a concentrate on manufacturing and supply chain issues. For Cerner, the deal just isn’t solely a payday however a merger with a deep-pocketed proprietor at a time of accelerating competitors and changing know-how in the market for digital patient data. The price of gold on Tuesday struck an all-time pinnacle, boosted by its haven status forward of expected cuts to US interest rates amid growing economic gloom. The financial development within the next fiscal may also reasonable because of normalization of the online tax impact on GDP seen in FY2024 and as uneven development in key trade partners will limit wholesome export recovery. Union Home Minister Amit Shah delivers a stirring tribute to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, commending his unwavering commitment and visionary management. Speaking at the India Global Forum Annual Investment Summit, Shah highlights PM Modi’s exceptional journey, including a staggering 23 years with no vacation.