Classroom Management

A Day in the Life of a Hybrid Teacher


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What it’s like to teach students in person and online simultaneously


Mary M. McConnaha

“The word of the year is ‘pivot’” our assistant middle school principal told us as we prepared to return to school this fall. At the time, I expected that meant being flexible in my lesson plans, being ready for day-to-day disruptions, and accepting challenges as they come. Turns out, it also means pivoting my head back and forth between my Google Meet screen and the students in my classroom.

My school is offering in-person classes for the many parents and students

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Are Aspiring Teachers Learning Classroom Management? It Varies – Teaching Now

For many first-year teachers, getting a handle on classroom management can be one of the hardest parts of the job. 

Yet the National Council on Teacher Quality, a Washington-based group that advocates for more rigorous teacher preparation, has found that just 14 percent of traditional teacher-preparation programs require candidates to demonstrate their ability in five research-based classroom management strategies. Thirty-five percent of programs require candidates to demonstrate their ability in four of the five strategies that NCTQ says have been proven to lead to positive effects on students’ behavior.

Those strategies are: establishing rules and routines that set expectations for

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Teacher Tips: How to Reduce Screen Time When School Is Online


Like a long shadow sweeping the country, the coronavirus has transformed K-12 schooling, forcing millions of students to learn from home, parked in front of computers for many hours each week. And that’s triggered new concerns about how much time kids are spending looking at screens.

Santhana Pierre’s daily schedule offers a glimpse of many students’ new realities. The 10th grader opted for the all-remote option at her school, Pathways College Preparatory in St. Albans, N.Y. She’s on her laptop in her bedroom or on the living room couch pretty much constantly for the school’s entire day, which runs

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Missouri substitute teacher requirements relaxed temporarily

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri is temporarily making it easier for people to become substitute teachers in anticipation of a potential shortage because of the pandemic.

The Missouri State Board of Education signed off on letting people with a high school diploma or equivalent complete a 20-hour state-approved substitute teacher online training to become eligible. Before they needed to complete 60 college credit hours for a substitute certificate, the Jefferson City News-Tribune reports.

Frontline Education, the vendor administering the training, said that 734 people have participated in the online training as of Thursday. The training includes topics such as

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Teachers, Live Screen Time Is Precious. Use It Well


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Research suggests a way to restructure remote learning to give students what they’ve been missing


H. Alix Gallagher & Benjamin Cottingham

Wanted for the new school year: high-quality remote-learning experiences to engage and benefit all students.

In the current pandemic reality, educators can improve learning, we believe, by finding better ways to use and structure students’ work time. That’s true whether learning is fully remote via computers, phones, or packets or whether it includes in-person instruction.

When in-person schooling ended abruptly this spring, the learning opportunities then available to students varied enormously. Some students received no

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Should Teachers Enforce School Rules When Students Are Learning at Home? – Teaching Now

As a growing number of school districts decide to start the school year entirely remotely, teachers will have to answer an important question: How many of their classroom norms and rules will they enforce when students are home? 

Teachers grappled with this question in the spring, when school buildings abruptly closed down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Students were suddenly learning from home, and teachers had to quickly decide if they would enforce dress codes or rules about snacking and other behaviors through a webcam. Many teachers pleaded with their peers to be lenient, as students were adjusting to

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