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Exploring the Role of the Community in Social Emotional Learning

Adapted from the Social Innovation Summit panel discussion Supporting Children’s Emotional Health during a Health Crisis,” moderated by Beth Meyer from Discovery Education and featuring panelists Laura Barbieri, Manager CSR & Community Relations at LG Electronics USA; Laura Bakosh, Ph.D., Co-Founder of Inner Explorer; Bridget Durkan Laird, CEO of Wings for Kids; and Laura Freveletti, Senior Program Officer of The Allstate Foundation. 

Addressing student mental health has never been more critical. Now more than ever, supporting students will require the efforts of entire communities, including corporate and community partners.

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Creative, Fun & Free: 3 Design Challenge Activities for Families

By Guest Blogger By Megan Skipworth, Chapin High School, El Paso Independent School District

As the summer approaches, students and their families need access to quality resources that are both engaging and fun – design challenges are a great example.

Design thinking helps learners solve real-world problems using creativity and critical thinking skills.

To help your students’ families stay busy during the summer, I’ve compiled three design challenge activities from TGR EDU: Explore that will allow your student to explore, design and test solutions at home.


Design thinking requires learners to get creative and think critically. Getting inventive with

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Explore Virtual Professional Development Resources and Master the Art of Computational Teaching

Pete Delgado, Jenna Rosienski and Emy Aultman are all teachers with something in common – they recognize the positive impact of integrating computational thinking into their everyday cross-curricular lessons. Using resources from Ignite My Future in School, a program developed in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services to transform the way students across America learn through computational thinking, these educators have cracked the code and now they are sharing their learnings and best practices with all educators through an all new Master Class Series. 

In this series of videos, each teacher explains their approach to incorporat

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Level-Up Summer Learning for Students and Teachers with Hands-On STEM Activities and Professional Development Resources from Siemens STEM Day

As summer approaches, many families are in search of supplemental virtual resources to support continued learning over the summer. Likewise, many educators are faced with the need to adjust their professional development plans for the summer to more virtual experiences.  Siemens STEM Day, developed in partnership with The Siemens Foundation, can help with both!

An Extensive Library of Standards-Aligned Activities

If you are looking for hands-on STEM activities for students in K-12 in science, technology, engineering, math, healthcare, energy or IT, the Siemens STEM Day activity database has you covered, with more than 160 STEM activities. The database is

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Help Families Engage Students in Critical STEM Learning with Fun, Hands-on Experiment Videos Featuring 3M Scientists

As educators, parents and students around the world strive to adapt to the new normal, the availability of quality resources to help families continue to support virtual learning is a primary focus. A long-time Discovery Education partner, 3M is committed to helping teachers and students as they adapt to a new way of learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In partnership with the Bakken Museum and Discovery Education, 3M has developed Science at Home, a series of fun and educational at-home science experiments for students ages 6-12. 

Conducted on video by real 3M scientists in their homes

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June 2020: Summer passion projects for students

Dear Readers, this will be the last concurrent monthly posting of Kathy’s Katch. Perhaps it will be back in another form at some point. I appreciate the support of Discovery Education, the DEN, and the readers of this blog from its inception in September of 2012. #loveyouall

Back in the day, employees of Google could pitch an idea to their supervisor to be able to take advantage of the “20% Time” program. This program allowed engineers and others to spend 20% of their work time on a project they were passionate about. Many of these projects turned into important components

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SOS Instructional Strategies for Implementing Human Rights Education with Comprehensive Digital Resources from Speak Truth to Power

Human beings around the world, regardless of age, gender, religion, cultural background, or socioeconomic status, share a set of basic rights and freedoms simply because they are human. Human rights education, at its best, engages and empowers students, helping them to recognize and value their own power in making a difference, as they become the next generation of human rights defenders. 

Speak Truth to Powerfounded by Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, introduces students to influential human rights defenders through powerful storytelling and interactive learning to inspire passion and action to end and prevent human rights abuses and

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STEM Careers Coalition Partner Spotlight: Chevron

A coalition of industry partners that have joined forces with Discovery Education to impact the culture of STEM education in K – 12 schools nationwide, the STEM Careers Coalition offers no-cost digital learning resources for educators, parents, students and employees to foster equity and access to quality education, and build the next generation of solution-seekers at no-cost to schools.? Chevron is one of the anchor partners supporting the initiative. 

Chevron believes in the power of humanity to solve any challenge, to overcome any obstacle, and to find responsible solutions that work for everyone. Because the company understands that the well-being

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Empower Students with Virtual Learning Resources to Address Substance Misuse from Dose of Knowledge

CVS Health and Discovery Education have partnered to expand the Pharmacists Teach program for educators and students with a no-cost prevention program, Dose of Knowledge. The program strives to empower educators to address substance misuse and educate students to make good decisions for the health and well-being of themselves and their community.

These new resources equip educators with the appropriate skills to introduce the challenging subject of substance misuse to students in grades 6-12 through accessible video vignettes and standards-aligned digital lesson bundles.  Each digital lesson bundle also includes a comprehensive educator and pharmacist guide to help extend learning

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