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Significance of Having Bunded Fuel Tanks

A fuel tank that has got the capability of handling, storing and even processing hazardous material in it and is made up of a bund wall around it is referred to as a bunded fuel tank. The bund is a wall that has got a protective nature and has got the capability of keeping the contents of the fuel tanks safe. A bunded fuel tank is always used in the storage of acids, heating oil and also crude oil. These substances cannot be stored in plastic tanks or even single skin tanks because of their corrosive nature and temperatures that they have to sand or else they will destroy them within a short period of time. The following are some of the significance of using bunded fuel tanks in storing of these hazardous liquids.

Bunded fuel tanks help to keep the fuel contents within it very safe and hence preventing them from causing environmental pollution, this makes then very environmentally friendly. Environmental protection has become one of the most urgent issues in the world and there has been need to look into it. With the ability of keeping its content safe and secure, bunded fuel tanks have helped to protect the environment from being polluted with these fuel substances. This has been made possible by the unique feature of a bunded fuel tank, that is the double layer with the outer one being a bund wall which makes it stronger then any other fuel tank.

Bunded fuel tanks are longer lasting; this makes it safe and secure to store the fuel. This means that for them to wear out, it will have to take a longer time for that to happen. The content will also be safe if they have to be kept in storage for quite a long time. This also helps to prevent the accidents that occur because the fuel tank that was used was not strong enough to hold the content inside it. If you buy a bunded fuel tank you will only replace it after a very long time, this is opposed to other tanks that requires you to replace them more frequently.

Being that bunded fuel tanks come in big sizes, it definitely means that they have got a higher storage capacity as compared to other fuel tanks. Bunded fuel tanks can hold up to one hundred and twenty thousand liters of fuel, this is because the bund wall makes it stronger hence giving it that ability. Fuel tanks made from other materials can only stand small amounts of fuel capacity in them because they can get destroyed by pressure of holding more than the maximum limit. This has made them the most reliable tanks to be used in industries and the most preferred according to the environmental regulations and health standards.

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