OurCoaching.com– Innovative e-learning Platform

OurCoaching.com is ane-platform where you get training and guidance for achieving specific personaland professional goals. But we have added a little twist here! With us, you andother people like you who are looking for training and guidance are the coaches and the students. OurCoaching.com is ane-platform where people from different niche share their content andinformation.

Play Different Roles

At OurCoaching.com,you get to play different roles. You are aninstructor or an academician, a teacheror a student, or a disciplinarian or a disciple. We arean e-Learning platform where you acquire knowledge while sharing it. We work onthe foundation that sometimes a person with absolutely no experience canpresent an information or content in a way that no professional teacher orfriend can do.

Quality Education

OurCoaching.com offers quality education through smart classes which will ultimately lead to having a successful career. We think beyond acquiring knowledge through the traditional classroom setup and offer video tutorials.

Acquire Knowledge for Free

Learning is a lifelong process and with us, you can keep learning throughout your life. We offer smart classes and learning material absolutely at no cost. Learn and acquire knowledge on more than 10,000 topics and become master of one and many. Also, you can become an online instructor or coach with OurCoaching.com and share your knowledge and experiences through posting images and videos on our sites.

Old is Gold

There is no age inlearning and so for sharing knowledge. We have not set any age bars to becomean online instructor with us. We absolutely believe that you canlearn from everybody, from a five-year-oldkid to a 60-year old man. So, as soon as you have something worth sharing,share it with our readers. The more you share your knowledge, the more you’llunderstand and reap the benefits from it.

Wide options Available

We offer content on more than 10,000 topics. That means you can learn as well as write on a plethora of topics. You can share your knowledge and content free of cost given that your content is of good quality. In addition, we also allow you to publish answers on already answered questions, the only condition being the answers should be different and with a different viewpoint.

A venture towards Digital Education

OurCoaching.com is a joint venture between two MNC experienced professionals who dreamt of bringing educators and students together on an e-platform. Kunal Kapoor, Founder & CEO, and Sahil Kapoor, Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, are continually working towards diminishing the hurdles that students face while having access to quality content.

Formula for Success

Well, there are no shortcuts to success for sure. It can only be achieved with the help of hard work, determination, and smart education. While you work hard with determination, we offer you a smart education. We are always there for you to learn new things with the help of quality content. The only thing required from your side to achieve success is to develop a feeling that you CAN do it and so, you can ACHIEVE it. Our success mantra is – Don’t avoid the problem and instead break them down. Tackle the hurdle in the best way by identifying the solutions with our learner database.

Digital Growing

With more than thousands of registered users, we aim towards gradually growing our online learning platform to different cities across the country. We are operating from our Delhi based office and soon will start operating from five more metro cities. We use Youtube, Facebook, and other alike sites and are spreading at a much faster rate.

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