Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the case of the 13-year-old girl strip-searched at school

“After Redding was searched and nothing was found, she was put in a chair outside the vice principal’s office for over two hours, and her mother wasn’t called,” Ginsburg noted during oral arguments. “What was the reason for … putting her in that humiliating situation?”

One of Ginsburg’s liberal colleagues, fellow Clinton appointee Stephen Breyer, saw it a little differently. He said he had a hard time understanding the girl’s claim that her rights had been violated.

“I’m trying to work out why is this a major thing to, say, strip down to your underclothes, which children do when they change for gym,” Breyer said. “How bad is this?”

Ginsburg retorted that school officials had directed Redding “to shake (her) bra out, to shake, shake, stretch the top of (her) pants.”

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