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The latest online service that is also making great waves is via custom portrait from well-known websites which produce very creative masterpieces that can serve as perfect keepsakes. Most people go further a step in memorializing someone whom they cherish or a loved pet by commissioning an artist to come up with a customized painting of them.

The positive thing about online services is that there are endless possibilities of marketing products and one unique way is custom portraiture where an old photo can be re-created by an online artist and convert it into a masterpiece painting, sketch or digital image. Take for example a custom portrait website, it can offer a directory of artists that can re-create a portrait which is a hand-made original. Commissioned paintings, online, are usually done in oil, acrylic, watercolour using appropriate materials such that oil paintings are on canvas while watercolor medium use paper. If your requested work is a sketch drawing, the online artist uses ink, charcoal, or pastels to re-create the sent photo on paper. The customer is given a free hand to change some details in the old photo, such as changing the background or other minor changes, and this is conveyed to the artist beforehand. Any change details of the photo will be followed by the artist but the outcome will still be considered an original, hand-made portraiture.

The procedure to request for custom portraiture online is quick and easy and which is done through these steps: first, search on your preferred website and click on the type of artist of your choice; second, make an order and provide a photo; third, make a proof preview of the commissioned painting; and, lastly, you received the original piece on an agreed date. In most online portraiture, one highly requested aspect by the artist to the customers is for them to send a digital image of the photo that will be re-created into a painting. To be able to effectively render a more realistic outlook, it is recommended that custom portraits be done in color. Some artists are skilled enough to execute mixed mediums or a matte-finish in customized painting, so be decided as to which medium you prefer so the artist can be guided accordingly. Most websites, complete the customized order by framing the art work as well as providing a variety of frames to choose from.

One of the popular reasons why custom portraiture is becoming a trend is because of the effect it re-creates once the painting is done, which is that awesome presence once it is hanged on the wall. The popular edge of online custom portraiture is that a customer is guaranteed of an experienced and talented artist to do the art work, as well as being able to meet the budget of the customer.

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