Three Ways to Integrate the Super Bowl into Learning with AHA and NFL PLAY 60  | Discovery Education

Looking for a fun way to get students active while teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle?  NFL Play 60 and the American Heart Association provide engaging resources to help educators teach students the positive impact of physical activity on health and wellness. Through a variety of fun, interactive lessons, digital explorations and videos, educators can provide students and families the tools they need to get the necessary 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. 

With  Super Bowl LV approaching, now is a great time to plan for using these resources to combine the excitement of a real-world event with curriculum to engage students and support their overall wellbeing. Read on for three ways educators can get students involved in learning healthy habits while getting them excited for the big game! 

Participate in the NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day Event, February 3rd 

This year’s NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day event is going virtual! Students will have the opportunity to explore a series of on-demand videos created by NFL teams to demonstrate a variety of different exercises and share their tips for staying fit. One way to customize the NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day experience for students is to have them use the videos to create their dream workout, incorporating their favorite exercises. As part of the event, students around the nation will also have the chance to vote for their favorite NFL PLAY 60 club exercise videoThe winning move will be announced during  NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day . Learn more and register! 

Add the NFL PLAY 60 Digital Exploration to any learning environment 

Perfect for remote, hybrid or in-person learning, the digital exploration helps students recognize the science behind how regular physical activity positively impacts their wellbeing – physically, mentally, socially and academically. This self-guided experience inspires students with tips and information about different activities that can help them reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day, and ultimately allows them to build a customized fitness plan and think through how they can integrate activity into their daily schedule.  

Implement new standardsaligned lessons for Science, PhysEd and ELA 

NFL PLAY 60 provides a variety of standards-aligned, turnkey lessons. The two newest offerings, Pump You Up and The Influence of Science & Tech in Sports & Physical Activity allow for cross-curricular implementation. Pump You Up invites students to analyze statistics related to physical activity levels in the US, while tracking their own physical activity level; and The Influence of Science and Tech taps into students’ critical thinking skills as they design a measurement tool to track their fitness goals.  

A favorite lesson on the site and a great integration for a customized NFL PLAY 60 Kids Day experience,  PLAY 60 Presents! is aligned to ELA and Science standards. In this lesson students create a presentation based on a sport or physical activity to present to their peers, while learning how different sports involve the use of different muscle groups and other body systems. 

We know that easy, fun and accessible physical activity is essential in light of the challenges educators, students and parents are facing right now. These resources from  NFL PLAY 60 and the AHA are great for helping students stay active in any learning environment! Subscribers can also explore these resources and more on the AHA NFL Play 60 Channel in Discovery Education Experience. 

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