Why the mayor of New York City is determined to keep schools open

We want to keep them open, Wolf. That’s both about our kids’ education, of course, but also about the realities. We have so many working New Yorkers who have no other place for their kids to be during the day. We have a huge number of single-parent households where they don’t have another place for their kids. They can’t bring their kids to work. There’s a lot of very practical problems.

On top of that, if parents don’t have any choice, they will simply not be able to go to work at all and have to stay home with their kids. That includes people we desperately need. Like first responders. Educators. Health-care professionals. We can’t afford a situation where we start to lose all our public servants because they have to stay home because school is not in session.

This health-care system … is going to be stretched in an intense way. I need every healthy health-care profession at their post. I don’t need a situation where they have to stay home because school is not in session. There are a lot of ramifications here. We’re going to do our damnedest to keep our schools stay open.

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